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web development

I have years of experience developing projects with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.JS and other frameworks, as well as WordPress. In addition, I have experience with full-stack web development technologies and frameworks listed on my about page.

web design

I have designed websites for companies, including e-commerce stores and landing pages. I am extremely comfortable working with design tools such as Figma and Canva or building website design, logos, and images from scratch.

digital marketing

I have the skills to improve a website's traffic by leveraging crucial digital marketing practices. My expertise includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.


Web Developer

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August 2020 - Present

I design and build websites for small to medium-sized businesses.

I’m experienced in JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, GatsbyJS, HTML and CSS3, WordPress and SEO.

I fully manage the project from start to finish.

Regular communication with the client is one of my top priorities.

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Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes is a fake recipe website developed using GatsbyJS and Contentful. I created this website to demonstrate what I can do with GatsbyJS plug-ins, specifically the use of Gatsby Image components and rendering data from a headless CMS.

Music Muse

Music Muse

Music Muse is a playlist-building SPA that uses Spotify API. This was the first project where I ever worked with API documentation and authorization on my own. Since the creation of this app, I have added additional features such as a media player for samples and rendering the users 'Recently Played' songs from Spotify.

reactjavascriptcssnetlifyspotify api
WordPress WooCommerce Store

WordPress WooCommerce Store

I built this project as part of my WordPress Advanced Business course through Udemy. The goal of this project was to create a functioning store using WordPress's WooCommerce plug-in. All items were created using sample data provided by WooCommerce.

Critix Movie App

Critix Movie App

Critix Movie App is a SPA built using ReactJS with Redux toolkit for state management. I built this application as a project for my Full-Stack Engineering Career Path with Codecademy. I chose this specific project because I am a huge movie nerd and wanted a way to easily search movie information and find new movies to watch. Given how overwhelming other movie tools such as IMDB can be, I focus on simplicity in my design and rendering of data from TMDB API.

reactreduxjavascriptcss modulestmdb api
Beta Codecademy Collaboration Project

Beta Codecademy Collaboration Project

Built with a team of 4 developers. Throughout this project, I had weekly sprints with GitHub pull requests, as well as, daily standups, code reviews, and paired programming. All activity was planned around meeting a presentation deadline for the final project. I was largely involved with the state management (Redux), cart-persistence (local storage), and setting up data queries.

GatsbyJSjavascriptreduxCSS ModulesGraphQL


An application using Reddit’s JSON API to deliver subreddit feeds for developers in a clean and organized UI. To build this, I used Redux Toolkit to store Reddit posts and user comments. This application leverages react-router-dom to handle simple routing and navigation.


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